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Roulette Books is a great source of roulette advice and information, but it’s not the only great source around. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite roulette books. Buy them, borrow them, read them and learn what they say. You’ll become a better roulette player if you read even a couple of these roulette books.

Roulette Fortune Bookie - By Serena Lee Ng
One of the greatest roulette books available - if this book doesn’t help you win at roulette, nothing will. She offers simple methods for selecting bets, managing money and managing risk. Not only will readers learn how to play and win, but how to avoid losing, as well. Many have tried her number strategies and have won. Everyone who has read it, raves about and you will too!

Gamble to Win - Roulette - R. D. Ellison
Finally, a strategy for playing roulette that actually reverses the house advantage and improves your chances of winning. Ellison’s strategy has been independently verified to result in nearly an 8% advantage to the roulette player over a sample of 7,500 live roulette spins. This new approach will change the balance of odds in casinos and you can be among the first to benefit!

The Basics of Winning Roulette - J. Edward Allen
New roulette players get all the inside tips on how to bet and win at roulette in a great, easy to read primer. Players learn how to play, step by step and learn the odds and payouts on more than 150 possible wagers. You’ll learn how to make single wagers, combination and outside wagers and the best strategies for both single and double zero wheels.

Spin Roulette Gold - Secrets of Beating the Wheel - Frank Scoblete
Another great one from one of the premier gaming authorities, Frank Scoblete. Readers are treated to a step by step explanations on how to gain the edge over the house in both the short term and long term. Not only does he show you how to play the game, but how to spot crooked games and roulette wheels as well. Scoblete shows you how to spot and profit from dealer bias and offers strategy and advice on how to place your bets as well as manage your money. This is required reading for any roulette player.

Secrets of Winning Roulette - Marten Jensen
Jensen offers readers a great resource for anyone interested in all kinds of techniques and roulette systems that have been recommended by professional gamblers who have consistently overcome the casino edge. Jensen analyzes the many techniques and strategies for playing roulette. For anyone new to the game, he covers all the basics and more.

John Patrick's Roulette - A Pro's Guide to Managing Your Money and Beating the Wheel - John Patrick
Stop throwing your money around the table and learn to make the important bets that will win you cash, cash, cash! Patrick offers a good introduction to the game and an important roulette playing strategy based on money management that you won't find in most roulette books. The most logical strategy to winning at roulette is contained in this book. If you haven’t already, get this book, read it and learn it. You’ll be glad you did.

Playing Roulette as a Business - A Professional's Guide to Beating the Wheel - R. J. Smart

Written by a Nevada roulette croupier, this book will help players take a new approach to the game and help bring home more casino dollars. Smart teaches you how to place multiple wagers and “playing the corners”. His strategy emphasizes money management and discipline and is a must read for anyone interested in roulette.

All About Roulette - John T. Gollehon
Few roulette books offer such a great introduction to the game of roulette. You’ll discover the origins of the game as well as all aspects of how the game is played. Gollehon discusses many fascinating concepts about roulette, along with the time-tested "wheel bias" method, and offers his own strategy that involves "clocking" the dealer. The writing is easy to read and humorous and keeps the interest of the reader right to the very end.


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